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It’s pretty rare that a garment, a look, a collection, let alone a brand clicks with me. It’s a needle in a haystack of TOO MUCH. Today I stumbled across Apiece Apart, and while some of their shapes don’t match up perfectly with my aesthetic, their ethos certainly does:

“The clothes here still felt mutable—with very few exceptions, you could wear all these looks to the office, out to dinner with your boyfriend and your potential future in-laws, or to the Brooklyn Flea. There’s something deeply “appropriate” about the Apiece Apart aesthetic, which goes to the brand ethos of creating clothes that just plain work. Cramer and Hout are those rare designers who mean it when they say they want women to wear their clothes, and not the other way around.” -Style.com

“Starr Hout and Laura Cramer conceived of a simplified wardrobe, one that could be packed into a single bag – simple items that could be mixed and matched to go anywhere and do anything.” -ApieceApart.com

I see you, Apiece Apart. And I like what you’re throwing down.

PS. Their blog is pretty cool too.

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Photos by Charles Roussel

I’ve spent that last few weeks trying to adjust to a new (and my final) semester at Parsons and prepare for my life beyond. Above are a few images of work from last winter. I’m really excited by the prospect of developing my own creations into a my life’s work, and in regards to the above mentioned shift in my blog (much delayed, I know [bad Jesse!]), I’ve become very interested in sustainable and vegan fabrics and production methods as of late. More on that to come, but for now, enjoy and happy Sunday :)

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